Stylemaster’s Skyline Studio Tour

First of all I’d like to say not only were the employees there delightful, informative, and professional, but the range of products and choices were just amazing.  It was utterly overwhelming but we loved every minute of it. The quality of their products were very high standard.

During the tour the lovely guide explained the choices in the Horizon, GTL, Luxe, and Skyline ranges.  Let me just say that I’m glad we are going with their Luxe range.  While their Horizon and GTL ranges were standard (yet their standard range is much better than some other builders we’ve seen in their luxury range), Luxe offered so much more in terms of stylised living.

Bricks – so many choices and colours to choose from.  We decided to go with Boral or PGH bricks instead of Austral. In terms of quality, they not only looked better but their range and durability won out.

Kitchen – the range of brands definitely sweep us off our feet.  We’re settled with Miele, though we don’t mind Bosch or Blanco either.  They’re all good quality brands. Cabinetry will take a bit longer as the range was extensive, though we do know our final choice will follow a coastal/resort theme.






Carpets, flooring and tiles – we didn’t get too much time to look at carpets, tiles and flooring. The tour guide did mention that their range at the studio was quite limited, though she did say that we can check their supplier’s website and store to see the entire range.  That we can surely do!

Doors – we were quick at selecting our doors and handles, both internal and external.  We’ve seen so many display homes that we knew exactly which were our final choices.  Knowing our home to be a coastal/resort theme really helped us narrow down our choices.  We will be contacting our sales consultant to quote us the higher end door handles which aren’t part of the Luxe range.


Bathroom – this again was straightforward for us.  We’ve both agreed to move away from round/oval sinks and taps and go for straight edged looks. They scream modern to us.


The tour also included a lovely cooking demonstration where their in-house chef cooked up quiches and sticky-date puddings for all the attendees of the tour.  They were demonstrating the power of their Miele ovens which both my partner and I were very pleased with. I really love this brand! Here’s how the delicious outcomes looked like. Who could say no to these morsels?!