Preliminary tender signed

On the 6th February 2016, we finally signed the preliminary tender required by Stylemaster Homes to begin drafting our site plans.  Very exciting!  It took us longer than expected to finally decide on the builder and home design.

We’ve decided to go with Stylemaster’s Aurora 25!

Not too sure if I can upload any images of the floor plan since it’s not even available on their website as of yet.  I’ll be creating another post to tell you more about the design.

Anyway, back to the signing…

Traditionally the steps of their process are as followed:

  1. Preliminary tender
  2. Preparation of fixed price tender
  3. Review of fixed price tender
  4. Contract preparation
  5. Approvals
  6. Commence construction

However, due to our situation with our land registering in May 2016, our consultant has kindly pushed forward the site plans and convenant approval stage.  This way, we wouldn’t be wasting any time in between.

It’s an exciting time, though we are still as anxious as when we first signed our names on the contract.