Soil testing, mortgage choices, change of consultant

It’s been a while since our last post, but we’ve had delay after delay due to the poor weather.  After all the dark clouds, we’ve had a moment of sunshine today where Stylemaster’s contractors have finally submitted their soil test findings.  We are very happy to announce it’s ‘S’ classification.  The most we were hoping for was ‘H’.  On the other side of the coin, there’s been some bad news about a shallow rock on site.  Not much is known from that yet, but we’ll know more soon.

We’re still deliberating between the choices of banks, but we’ve managed to narrow it down to two.  Next week we’ll be making our decision on who to go with.

Our home consultant also decided to leave abruptly and didn’t tell us until 2 days before.  This was at the moment when things were being submitted and out of our hands.  The moment when you have to put more faith with the builder/consultant.  He forwarded everything to another consultant who works closely with their head office.  It felt like we had to start from step one again.. it was so frustrating.  Lucky for us, this new consultant has been great and been keeping on top of things.

Before we can proceed further with Stylemaster, they still need to conduct the contour survey.  Unfortunately, Lend Lease still aren’t ready for this next step and we’re back to the waiting game… and without this survey we won’t be seeing our site plans any time soon too.  These delays are really frustrating to us, but we have no other choice except to push forward.