Cancelling our build with Stylemaster

Yeah you read that right.  We’ve both decided to end it with Stylemaster and are no longer building the Aurora 30.

It’s been a crazy few weeks, but since the Aurora 30 (their website says its the 25, but its the 30) display home came out, we’ve been back-n-forth.  While it was a stroke of luck that the new display village at North Harbour (that had their grand opening yesterday – free food, rides, entertainment, drinks… 🙂 ) had the Aurora 30, we were extremely happy but nervous at the same time.  We were finally going to go see it!  We built it up in our heads for such a long time… what if it isn’t as good as we thought it could be?

Well, the house was lovely.  There was nothing bad about it.  It has to be their best single storey build from their collection.  Unfortunately, it didn’t whisk us off our feet.  We had a lengthy talk with one another, weighing the pros-n-cons.  That’s when we decided to connect with our consultant and our Plantation Homes consultant one last time…

Long story short, we signed up and paid our deposit with Plantation Homes today for the Panama Q2.  That is now final – no going back.  We are happy with our choice and there has been no sense of regret or second thoughts.

Let me add another thing though… changing our minds wasn’t due to bad customer service with Stylemaster.  Trust me, they’ve been great!  It was just that the house didn’t end up being the fit we were hoping it to be.  Building a house without seeing a display home? A huge gamble!!

Now with that out of the way now, full steam ahead!  This Thursday will be the contour survey.  Let’s hope the weather plays nice 🙂