Land ahoy!

We’ve finally seen our land! Though not up close and personal, but from the vehicle due to WHS reasons. Yes, the land developer had to escort us in their vehicle. It’ll probably be another 2 weeks after settlement before we can go there freely.

We’re pleased with our choice though.  The land is a lovely sized lot, with a decent view. Photos were difficult with the position of lighting.

Above: Crossing the bridge to the Peninsula. Right side is Discovery lake. Left side is Regatta lake.

Above: From the back end of our land. 

Above: From the back-right

Above: From the back-left.  Loving that view!

Above: The actual view from the main street (before turning into our street)

Above: The retaining wall needs to be built here. 

Above: A possible issue with the location of the storm water tank. Our driveway is on that side! 

In other news, our designated administrator from Plantation Homes has introduced herself to us. She was very helpful and friendly. Easy to communicate with and very knowledgeable. Fingers crossed the great service continues! 

Our colour appointment is in 7 weeks time, but there’s still much we need to prepare for.  In the meantime, we’ll continue researching our choices in hope to have our selection complete prior to the actual appointment.