Cosham Studios Tour

So last Saturday the 14th May, we attended the tour of Plantation Homes’ Cosham Studio.  Needless to say, we were impressed. It was slightly difficult to come from Stylemaster’s Skyline Studio … an award winning studio, to another builder’s studio. It made me a little nervous and critical. However, my partner sure wasn’t. He was super excited about the entire process and told me not to worry. Funny enough, he was right. While the studio doesn’t look like it’ll offer the same as the award-winning Skyline studio, it had something else. If you listen carefully to the guides and ask the right questions, you find out that there are many pros that’ll make any nervous kitten smile. Many standard options allowed more flexibility, such as being able to select 2 types of tiles and 2 types of cabinetry PER ROOM. Wow, that won me over.  There were many others, and when you work out the numbers, you really get your monies worth. There were options to upgrade which was lovely, but the best thing about it was that most of the time, you didn’t have to. Their standard range was still great quality. On the con side of it, there were some differences between Plantation and Stylemaster. To get the same bricks we wanted, it’s an upgrade with Plantation. Same goes with the grate for the wet areas. There are pros and cons in comparing between the 2 builders, but our contract with Plantation was for the Price Crash deal. It’s a real significant saving, so once again, the numbers worked out better in the end. We need to go there one more time before out actual colour consultation. They also recommended for us to collate photos of designs that we’re going for and check out all their display homes, making note of what sections we like. They can then easily look up the colours/designs for that house in their database and add it to our selection. 

With so many choices we can make, and with the flexibility Plantation has to offer, there is still much for us to do. We’re currently still researching and putting a scrapbook together on what we’re going for to help our designated Interior Designer. 

We’ve chosen everything that we want, but the cabinetry and tiles is proving to be difficult. When we thought we had only 1 choice for each, it was easy. We already knew before we signed up with Plantation. Now we know we have more options, it’s back to the drawing board. We can easily keep to our existing choices, but we’d like to take advantage of what they have to offer.  We’re going to be brave and mix it up! I’m a little nervous but it’s going to be fun! 

Stay tuned for photos from our next visit!