Tender and contract appointment – part 1

Nothing more exciting than spending an entire morning on discussing contracts šŸ˜…

While the topic was dull, we were once again blessed with wonderful customer service.  Questions were answered swiftly and with full details. Everything was well explained and we were treated as a respected and valued customer. Our appointment did run overtime however. We had many questions, requests, and structural changes to make. So much we had to book another appointment for contract signing. 

They also provided us a free lunch voucher from a nearby funky cafe. We didn’t expect that! 

Overall we were truly happy with how Plantation handled the appointment, and the food was delicious!  

Above: How amazing does this food look?!

In the meantime we have a couple of things to continue on and/or prepare for.  We’re still collecting quotes and the landscape design needs to happen. This weekend we’ll be checking out a plant nursery that we’ve been recommended by friends and family.